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Call to action: Support ARC inside member Ary's new LGBT+ organization - "PRIDE"- from the outside!

Dear LGBT+ community and allies, we are a developing organization inside SCI-Phoenix called Pride. We have successfully created a platform for our members to discuss our issues within the PADOC called the Chromatic Forum, and we are tying to get outside support for our organization. We are being told that we have to get outside support before they can take us on as an organization and we are vigorously doing so with minimal avail. But we wont give up! We are a group of oppressed minorities in this environment whom are seeking equality amongst our peers as of now we are the only institution in Pennsylvania of this kind and we plan to be the vanguard for LGBT+ equality in the PADOC. We are unfortunately are fighting for equality with our hands tied. But they can shut out voices out. We are trying to get our organization in a place where we are recognized by the PADOC, and bring awareness of our issues to the population as a whole. We know that we cant not do his alone so we are seeking your help to spread the word and support we need anyone and everyone who knows someone or an organization. Please contact me at Smart Communications PADOC Bradrick Wyckoff NT8798 SCI-Phoenix Po BOX 33028 St. Petersburg FL 33733. Please like share and re-post as much as possible.



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